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Arjun | From QRC to Ziptrek Eco-tours

Student story | Arjun’s found a career he loves!

Hey, I'm Arjun and I'm a lead guide at Ziptrek Eco Tours, Queenstown. A typical day for me here at Ziptrek is opening the course, overlooking the health and safety, being responsible for up to 200 people on course, training the guides, mentoring them and making sure that the day runs smooth.

A great part about working here is working in the outdoors, obviously, in the trees throughout the day; you're literally hanging out, zipping from one treehouse to another. I did my internship here at Ziptrek while I was studying at QRC (Queenstown Resort College) so if there's any advice I could give, it's go out there, have some fun. You're in charge of your own life, make it work and have a great time!

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As an international student, I can now call Queenstown my home and I have found a career that I love!

Arjun | Queenstown Resort College Alumni

Lead Guide, Ziptrek Eco Tours

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Arjun | From QRC to Ziptrek Eco-tours

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