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Connect with Education Providers in Queenstown and help your students study in New Zealand.

Welcome to Our Education Agents Resource Page

Study in Queenstown - A Premier Learning Destination

At Study Queenstown, we unite a diverse group of prestigious education providers located in the stunning surroundings of Queenstown, New Zealand. Our institutions offer a wide range of programmes spanning various sectors, designed to provide students with top-tier education and an unparalleled living experience.

Queenstown is not just a place to study; it's a place to live and grow. Our students enjoy a safe environment, breathtaking natural landscapes, vibrant cultural scenes, and numerous recreational activities that enrich their educational journey.

Your Partnership is Valuable

Education agents are vital partners in our mission to attract and support international students. You play a crucial role in helping students from around the world discover the opportunities that Queenstown education providers offer.

Connect with Us

To facilitate seamless communication and provide tailored support, we have listed the main contacts for international student inquiries at each of our affiliated providers. We encourage you to reach out directly to discuss the unique advantages of studying in Queenstown and how we can assist your candidates in finding their perfect educational path.

Queenstown Resort College

International Manager: Duncan Sadlier
Email: duncan.sadleir@qrc.ac.nz
Phone: +64 21 470 664

ABC College of English

International Manager: [Name]
Email: duncan.sadleir@qrc.ac.nz
Phone: +64 21 470 664


Email: admissions@languageschool.co.nz
Phone: +64 3442 6625


Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to empower agents with all the necessary tools to guide students through their educational journey in Queenstown effectively.

Are there any language requirements to study in Queenstown?

Yes, non-native English speakers are typically required to demonstrate English proficiency through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL. Minimum score requirements vary by program and institution.

Can international students work while studying in Queenstown?

Yes, international students on a student visa can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during scheduled holidays. Some study programs also include internships or work placements as part of the curriculum.

How do I apply for a student visa to study in Queenstown?

To apply for a student visa, you’ll need an offer of place from a New Zealand educational institution, proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses, and a valid passport. Applications can be submitted online or through a New Zealand consulate. Please contact individual institutions for more information.

What scholarships are available for international students?

Several scholarships are available for international students, ranging from merit-based to need-based awards. Specific scholarships can be found through educational institutions or external funding bodies. It’s recommended to check the websites of the respective institutions for the most current information.

How safe is Queenstown for international students?

Queenstown is generally considered very safe for students and visitors alike. The local community is welcoming and friendly. However, asin any town in New Zealand, it's important to take regular precautions and be aware of your surroundings.